2016 Fair data and open data: differences and consequences

COREON session WEON 2016
Thursday 16 June 2016- Time: 15.00 -16.00 h
Hotel de Wageningsche Berg, Wageningen

Fair data and open data: differences and consequences  download here the presentation

15.00-15.15: Alex Burdorf: To share or not to share: what is fair? 

This lecture will present the concept of FAIR data, i.e. data that are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Re-usable. COREON will present its survey among Dutch research institutes on opinions and practices of data sharing.

15.15-15.20:     short discussion

15.20-15.35:     Marie-José Bonthuis: Data sharing: consequences for informed consent

This lecture will address the consequences of data sharing: does this require complete anonymisation of data? Is informed consent needed for future (unknown) data enrichment through linkage? What are consequences for current practice on informed consent?

15.35-15.40:      short discussion
15.40-16.00:      agenda setting

Identification of issues that need to be addressed by COREON, such as development of procedures for informed consent, discussion with funding agencies about required facilities and financial means for fostering open data, etc. Participants in this session will have the opportunity to contribute to the agenda of COREON.




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