2016 Health(y) Science: increasing value, reducing waste


FederaDag 2016
Health(y) science: Increasing value, reducing waste; New insights and challenges

Presentations - Downloads:

I - Value of science?  
Luca Consoli
Radboud University, Nijmegen
Download Value of science for society?
Iona Heath
Royal College of General Practioners, London, United Kingdom
Download Value of science for patients?  
Lex Bouter
Vumc, Amsterdam
Download Importance of research integrity   
II - Wasted efforts and solutions   

Malcolm Macleod
Univeristy of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Download:  Wasted efforts and solutions; Research methodology. Beyond the randomized clinical trial

Henk Smid 
Download Sustainability and valuation of science and scientists; perspective from a grant supplier
David J. Stewart
University of Ottawa, Canada
Download: Focusing on clinical results
III - New opportunities   
Marjolein van Egmond
VUmc, Amsterdam
Download Curiosity-driven science
Agnes van der Heide
Download Sharing data, credits and privacy
John Jacobs
Hedera career perspective Federa; SMBWO
Download Value of PhD for society
Marjolein Blaauboer
Download PhD beyond science
Chiat Cheong
Qia Consultancy & Training
Download Educating PhDs: more than a booklet
IV - Awards and debate  
Leendert Looijenga
President Federa

Download presentation Federa

Federa Award   David J. Stewart & Razelle Kurzrock, see news

 Federa Societal Award to James Lind Alliance

Go to  Toward greater participation by patients in science; Federa societial award
Download presentation by Steph Garfield-Birbeck (Jamels Lind Alliance) 

 Interactive debate Download Health(y) science in 10 propositions






FederaDag 2017, 16 juni 2017. ZonMw DenHaag.

Too valuable to waste: Experiments on humans and animals.

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