Codes of Conduct

Codes of Conduct

The Code of Conduct for the Use of Data in Health Research 

This Code was developed in 1995 and was revised in 2002-2003 on the basis of the European Data Protection Directive and its implementation in the Dutch Act on the Protection of Personal Data. The new Dutch version and English translation became available in 2004.

Download Code of conduct for health research (pdf, 182 KB)
Download Explanatory report (pdf, 189 KB)

Example how to refer to codes of conduct in scientific paper

According to the Central Committee on Research involving Human Subjects (CCMO), this type of study does not require approval from an ethics committee in the Netherlands. This study was approved by the Privacy Review Board of the Netherlands Cancer Registry.


Human tissue and Medical Research: Code of Conduct for Responsible Use

Developed during 1999-2001 and translated into English in 2002. Revised in 2011.
Dutch Gedragscode 2011 in English translation: Human Tissue and Medical Research,

Download Code of Conduct for Responsible Use (2011) part 1
Download Code for Proper Secondary Use of Tissue (2001) (pdf, 771 KB)

Download PPT presentation: Code for Proper Use of Human Tissue 
An explanation of this Code is found in an article on Biobanking in Nature Reviews: Cancer 2003; 3: 73-77

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