How to Create a Healthy Environment for Scientific Publications

13 september 2018

You’re kindly invited to join the workshop
How to Create a Healthy Environment for Scientific Publications
Thursday 29th November 2018, 13:45-17:00

Like most researchers, you probably know the pressure to publish your scientific research. It can feel like a burden that makes you spend a disproportionate amount of time on writing articles and everything else that is needed to get your article published – time that you would rather spend on the research itself.

Increase the impact

You face questions like “which path to follow to increase the impact of your article?” Do you aim for a high impact factor journal or do you go for a much read journal to raise the amount of citations? The latter often leads to open access journals. And that opens up a whole new box of challenges. How do you find out if this journal is trustworthy and sufficiently covered by PubMed? Then you receive an email saying that some journal wants to publish your work, but you have to pay for it!

Review quality

And then there is the reviewing process. You might be one of the many researchers that receive a lot of requests to review articles. There are so many requests that you feel you can’t possibly review them all and be thorough enough. What does that say about the review quality, when other people that face the same problem review your manuscript?

Just a few examples of many more situations that reveal a disturbing environment for scientific publications. And how other parties, such as publishing houses, use these situations to gain a good deal of money.

Workshop How to Create a Healthy Environment

Therefore Federa invites you to a workshop to unravel the origin of these situations and define the steps that lead to a healthy environment for publications. Federa is also setting up a Taskforce “Creating a Healthy Environment for Scientific Publications” and we will use this workshop as the starting point for further action.

So join us on Thursday 29th of November 2018 from 14:00 - 17:00 at David de Wiedgebouw, Universiteitsweg 99, Utrecht. We can only accommodate up to 60 participants and there are already a lot of subscribers, so don’t hesitate to register at


13:45 Registration and welcome
14:00 Challenges in the current climate for scientific publication
Prof. Dr. Aletta Kraneveld, Professor of Interdisciplinary Translational Pharmacology at Utrecht University
14:30 New ways of publishing can help to prevent sloppy science
Prof. Dr. Lex Bouter, Professor Methodology and Integrity at Amsterdam UMC, VU and Chair of COREON
15:00 Workshop: defining the essential steps for the Taskforce “Creating a Healthy Environment for Scientific Publications”
Breakout sessions to define concrete steps and questions that the Taskforce uses to take further action. Biomedical Researchers also have the opportunity to apply for participation in the Taskforce.
17:00 Drinks

Day chair and workshop facilitator:

Tjitske Bezema, Chair of the Immunowell Foundation


Information: Anje te Velde, Federa, email:

Register at

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