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How to create a  Healthy Environment for Scientific Publications
Thursday 29th November 2018, 13:45-17:00

David de Wiedgebouw, Universiteitsweg 99, Utrecht. We can only accommodate up to 60 participants and there are already a lot of subscribers, so don’t hesitate to register!

13:45            Registration and welcome
            Challenges in the current climate for scientific publications
(Prof. Dr. Aletta Kraneveld, Professor of Interdisciplinary Translational Pharmacology at Utrecht University)

14:30            New ways of publishing can help to prevent sloppy science
(Prof. Dr. Lex Bouter, Professor Methodology and Integrity at Amsterdam UMC, VU, Chair of COREON)

15:00            Workshop: defining the essential steps for the Taskforce “Creating a Healthy Environment for Scientific Publications”
Breakout sessions to define concrete steps and questions that the Taskforce uses to take further action. Biomedical Researchers also have the opportunity to apply for participation in the Taskforce.

17:00            Drinks

Day chair and workshop facilitator:

Tjitske Bezema, Chair of the Immunowell Foundation

Information: Anje te Velde, Federa, email:

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